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About us
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Based right in the heart of the Upper Hutt CBD, Upper Hutt Fitness is located on level one, Queens Chambers, 212 Main Street, Upper Hutt, right (opposite The Mall and next door to McDonalds). With 24 hour access available, the gym is also open to the public 7 days a week.

We welcome men, women and youth of all ages, any ethnicity and people of all fitness levels. Although we have a separate women’s area, workout room and entrance, our ladies are a welcome part of the gym.

With many years in the health and fitness industry, we’re dedicated to providing you with the support to enable you to reach your goals, providing you with great facilities in addition to excellent customer service. Our members are treated with the respect they deserve and we look forward to being there with you to share your health and fitness journey.

Training facilities
  1. Circuit training
    Circuit training
    Our circuit area is available for anyone who wants to come in for a varied session to cover all muscle groups, maybe a little short on time and is idea for developing muscle stamina and endurance. A circuit timer and stereo are provided. This area is not suitable for anyone primarily focusing on bodybuilding and is very popular with our female clientele.
  2. Resistance training
    Resistance training
    Our main workout area primarily consists of free weights including dumbbells, barbells and together with the huge range of strength machines available, we have every base covered for you. Mirrors in the resistance area will help you monitor and maintain a correct posture during your workout.
  3. Cardio machines
    Cardio machines
    Cardio machines are available to provide a balanced exercise regime by supplementing weight training. The cardio equipment is ideal to be used in conjunction with circuit equipment.